How to Prevent Moss From Growing On the Roof

Moss and algae can do considerable damage if they’re left for too long. Both use the combination of moisture and organic materials – aka your roofing materials – to grow and colonize. As a result, structural materials begin to rot and decay, leading to expensive, long-term damage.

Tips For Preventing Moss & Algae From Growing on Your Roof

The following tips can help you keep moss and algae from taking up residence on your roof.

Eliminate Moss & Algae ASAP. If you already see green and/or blackish growths on your roof, it’s important to remove them as soon as you can. In the right conditions, mold can grow pretty fast and this growth directly relates to the rate at which roofing materials decay. Established moss growths can be manually removed. Then, a thorough wash and the application of a bleach-water solution can be applied to remove the rest.

Moss growing on roof
How do you prevent moss from growing on your roof?

Unless you’re familiar with ladder- and roof-safety, professional moss and algae removal is often the safest and most efficient way to eliminate these offenders from your roof.

Trim Overgrown Tree Branches. Moss and algae require a moist environment. This is why we typically see the largest infestations accumulating in the shady areas created by overgrown tree limbs. Hire a certified arborist or professional tree trimmer to keep mature tree branches in check. Trimming them back and away from your roofline will help prevent moss and algae on the roof and will also prevent roof damage from fallen limbs and branches.

Keep Gutters & Downspouts Clean & Clear. When gutters and downspouts are full of debris, water has the chance to accumulate for extended periods. During the rainy season, this can lead to days or weeks of overflow, causing water to spill over and soak into roof and eaves materials. As long as temperatures are warm enough (about 35°F to 80°F), the ever-present moisture provides a perfect environment for moss to settle in.

Inspect gutters and downspouts at least twice a year to remove debris and make sure water is flowing through them as designed. Clear any clogs immediately to prevent water damage and repair any rusted, split or corroded gutter/downspout runs as soon as you can.

Use Strips of Zinc Flashing. Remember we said that moss and algae use organic materials as a food source? Thin strips of zinc flashing (copper and lead flashing work as well) can be installed underneath rows of shingles where moss and algae are the most prevalent. Clean the roof first to eliminate any current moss or algae. Then, apply the strips as per the manufacturer’s directions. Always contact your roofing manufacturer and apply the strips as per their instructions to avoid violating your warranty.

Always use a safe ladder and climbing practices while performing work on a roof. If this is not your area of expertise, hire a professional roof cleaner or roofing contractor to do the work for you.

Need the help of a professional to clean your roof, gutters, and/or downspouts and/or to prevent future moss and algae growth? Contact Proman WC at 425-908-9121 or 510-478-4880. Don’t forget to ask us about our 15% discount for new customers.

Looking For the Perfect Valentine’s Day Present? Hire a House Cleaner

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Chocolates are unoriginal
And so are you…

If you just get your girlfriend or wife yet another heart-shaped box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

Chocolates Are Great – But a Clean House Is Better!

Valentine’s Day can be a challenging one when it comes to buying the “perfect present” for your girlfriend or wife. The holidays just ended, and all the bigger ticket items are already accounted for. That’s why hiring a house cleaner is one of the best presents ever – it’s the gift that keeps on giving in terms of extra time, energy and the peace that comes along with living in a clean, organized household.

Her are 5 great reasons to give a year’s worth of monthly (or weekly) housecleaning:

  1. She’ll love you forever. Cleaning the house is one of those things that everyone benefits by but hardly anyone has time to do. The chores it entails eating into the only free time your family has – weekends, evenings and days off. When you take those heavy chores off the “list of things to do,” you’ve just freed up hours and hours of time that can be filled with your family’s favorite things – and your partner will love you forever for it.

    Looking For the Perfect Valentine’s Day Present? Hire a House Cleaner
    Looking For the Perfect Valentine’s Day Present? Hire a House Cleaner
  2. Scratch the least-favorite chores off the list. Most homes need at least a little light cleaning every week. However, if weekly house cleaning is outside of your budget, schedule a house cleaner once a month or every other week instead. That’s enough make sure the nitty-gritty cleaning is always taken care of and lets your household take care of the easy stuff.
  3. Cut down on stuff. Contemporary homeowners know that “less is more,” which is why minimalist design is back in style. Instead of giving more “things,” you’re giving the gift of de-cluttering and organization. Once you’ve booked your time, the housecleaner can assist you with those organizational tasks you never get around to – like that overstuffed coat closet or the kitchen junk drawer.
  4. Take care of odd jobs. There are all kinds of things a housecleaner can do outside of the general vacuuming, bathroom cleaning and floor scrubbing. When you schedule a consultation, ask about other service offerings that can be utilized during your scheduled dates, like window cleaning, laundry, and cabinet organizing.
  5. It’s multiple gifts in one. Giving your beloved the gift of regular house cleaning blows her calendar wide open. In a way, it’s like giving her multiple gifts in one. Now, she has time to do all the things she wants to do but can’t, like schedule a mani/pedi, have a weekend lunch date with a friend or enjoy a romantic date night with you!

Interested in giving your Valentine a unique gift that she can celebrate month after month? Contact ProMan WC and schedule a consultation. We’ve provided quality, reputable housecleaning and window cleaning services to our Bay Area clients for more than a decade. 425-908-9121 or 510-478-4880.